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Do I have to sign up for at least 3 moths?

Yes, we are looking for people that are willing to build a community while traveling, and 3 months is just enough time.

Can I take time off to travel around by myself?

You are free to travel and go as you please, but keep in mind we want to build a cooperative creative network and it doesn't help to be a stranger.

Where will we be sleeping? How is it like?

We will be staying in either houses or apartments, and you'll have your private room wherever we go.

Does Wander Troupe provide jobs?

No, each wanderer is responsible for its own remote employment. We provide opportunities to make your network wider.

Do I need to have a job to join Wander Troupe?

You do not need to have a job to join, but we recommend bringing your own project to work on to get the most out of the journey.

Do I have to speak English?

You do not need to be fluent in English to join the troupe.

What are the visa requirements?

It is up to each participant to figure which visas they will need, but most of all you'll get a tourist VISA. Visit for more information if needed.

Can I come with my partner?

Of course you can! You'll even get a 10% off.

Phone: +1 (516) 8584487